Established in 2001, Sacred Power is the largest Native American owned and operated renewable energy systems integration and manufacturing firm in the US.
Solar Installers

Sacred Power is well versed in the unique requirements and regulations of local, state, tribal and federal agencies and has provided hundreds of installations for government and public facilities nationwide; US Navy, DOD, DOE, USACE, DTRA, USDA, NASA, USGS, BIA, GSA, USF&W, National Guard and various Tribal Governments. Our government experience has provided unique knowledge and expertise we can share with residential and commercial customers through photovoltaic, solar hot water and wind turbine installations.

Our founders have over 40 years of experience in the renewable energy field including; design, fabrication, assembly, documentation and testing of innovative technologies and systems. Sacred Power is the only New Mexico Company with personnel possessing dual NABCEP Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal certifications. Licensed in New Mexico, Sacred Power has NM Electrical, General Contractors and NM Construction Industries licenses as well as many other certifications and distinctions.

Sacred Power is a successful graduate of the Small Business Administration 8(a) program and has been recognized for five consecutive years with the “Flying 40 Award” that recognizes the state’s largest and fastest growing companies in the technology sector.  In 2010, Sacred Power was named “Retail Energy Company of the Year” by the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency. Sacred Power is committed to the development of local pueblo economies and committed to energy independence while providing jobs in a rapidly evolving industry.

Sacred Power headquarters is located in a 47,000 square foot facility in the Saw Mill District in Albuquerque.

Our Work Force

Sacred Power’s entire workforce includes typically more then 75% Native American employees.


The directors of Sacred Power are Certified Solar Energy Instructors and have helped to develop renewable energy curricula for Native American Institutes of higher eduction.
In Addition , Odes Armijo-Caster is a Certified Solar Energy Instructor for Siemens Solar Corporation; he has provided presentations, workshops and seminars on solar energy systems in many countries throughout the world. He is considered a “Solar Pioneer” and is one of an elite few in the country with dual Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal NABCEP (North American Board of certified Energy Practitioners) Certification.

I am at present Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at University of New Mexico and Chair of the Renewable Power and Energy track at the School of Engineering.  

Throughout my work at UNM, we had the pleasure and privilege to work with Sacred Power on several important projects. These projects spanned from a typical 15kW solar PV installation on top of the ECE building, to an investigation/R&D project (Solar Decathlon competition sponsored by DOE), and all the way to a student hands-on projects (designing a solar-powered electric vehicle). Throughout all these projects, all Sacred Power engineers were very professional, took time to understand our needs and to tailor the solutions and systems to out particular specifications.….Overall, I feel grateful and privileged to work with Sacred Power, and strongly recommend them, and I am looking forward to future projects together. 

Dr. Olga A. Lavrova

Dr. Olga A. Lavrova

Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at University of New Mexico and Chair of the Renewable Power and Energy track at the School of Engineering.


Sacred Power provides a wide range of services ranging from solar systems installations for commercial, government and residential customers.  Our services include panel installation, replacing broken panels from rocks, hail and other falling debris.  Sacred Power also cleans, replaces and upgrades previous solar installations.

Sacred Power installs Fixed Pole Mounts, Tracking Pole Mounts, Pitched Roof Mounts, Flat-Roof Mounts and Multiplatform Renewable energy systems.


Sacred Power has literally designed, built and installed hundreds of photovoltaic, wind systems, covered parking and carports systems.  We design unique solar electric, solar hot water and solar pool systems for each commercial, government or residential customer.


Sacred Power replaces broken glass due to rocks, hail and other falling debris.  We adjust loose mounting and and repair solar electric, solar hot water and solar pool installations making sure that your system is proving the best production for your energy needs.


It is our belief that the world we live in can change its current direction and dependence on polluting energy sources by converting to renewable technologies that provide clean long-term solutions to today’s energy needs and problems.

Sacred Power helps to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and green house gases that have increased greatly over the last few decades while provide energy to places that have never had energy before.  Sacred Power reduces the negative impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions with every commercial, government and residential solar installation..


Producing energy from the majority of our current electrical generation facility is dependent on large amounts of water and accounts for 40% of daily water consumption.  However, solar electrical systems depend only on the sun to produce electricity eliminating the need for large of an already precious resource, our water.


Sacred Power is proud to be in the industry that creates 1 percent of all new jobs in the United States in 2015.  According to the Bureau of Labor, the solar industry added 35,000 solar positions in 2015 more than all of the gas and oil jobs.